I believe that life - including work - is a potluck, and what each person brings to the table is what makes the feast.  No one dish is better than another, and no one person's contributions are more important than the other. Both the Executive and the Support bring many strengths to the table, but what isn’t taught anywhere is HOW to utilize those strengths to contribute to the larger partnership.

I give an honest look at the skills it takes to nail these disparate jobs and the heavy boots that weighs both sides down. It takes a lot of work to make this partnership look easy.

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Speaking for Executives

CEOs | Entrepreneurs | Solopreneurs | Managers | Directors | Decision Maker | Queen Bees

It finally happened – you got that promotion of your dreams. You’re in an office with real walls, and maybe even a window or two. The bathrooms on your floor smell like sandalwood, and are private enough to make a four-minute run to the latrine feel like a miniature spa day. You have convenient access to the use of the executive lounge, well-stocked with snacks and an espresso machine that makes fancy coffees. Oh yea, and you get an assistant too – but unfortunately, this dedicated individual did not come with a how-to manual like the coffee machine did. 

 If you take your new leadership role seriously, the fact that you are suddenly responsible for building a relationship with a person who will be coordinating your professional, and sometimes personal, life should freak you out a little bit. Questions will start to roll around in your head: what am I supposed to tell him/her to do?  How much is too much?  How much is too little?  How do I ensure my expectations are being met without seeming like a jerk? 

The core of these questions revolves around finding a way to help your assistant operate at his/her natural best so that they can excel in their support role. Unfortunately, no one teaches the influencers, executives, and leaders of our world how to structure and manage their relationships with their Assistants/Support in a manner that optimizes performance and success.  No one, that is, until now.

In her keynote, Monique presents the precise steps Executives can take to cultivate a successful partnership with their Assistants. If you’re looking to unlock the secrets to increased productivity, efficiency, profits, resources, and harmony in the working environment, learn more about Monique’s presentations below:

Keynote Speaking Includes

Building a Powerful Strategic Partnership with your Assistant(s)

In this session, participants will learn:

  • The five steps to cultivating the dream-team partnership their Executive friends will envy;

  • How to create a safe environment that saves time, money, energy, resources, and years of therapy;

  • Empathy skills: what is it really like to be “the person” behind “The Person”?

  • How to get 10x more time back in your day to concentrate on what you do best.  

Length: 60-90 minutes including Q&A,

A/V: LCD Projector, screen, lavalier microphone

Speaking for Executive Assistants

Assistants | Administrative | Logistics | Coordinators | Support | Worker Bees

If you work in a support role, your responsibilities are always changing, sometimes fleeting, and often painstaking. Being an Assistant means dealing with unique challenges every day, and no two individuals working in support roles do exactly the same thing. As diverse as we may be, however, we all have one thing in common: we provide the crucial backup that visionaries and executives need to do the great things they do. 

Despite our unmistakable competence, we work behind the scenes, rarely getting the recognition and validation that we deserve. Like armor weighing heavy on a gladiator who’s always suited up for battle, the challenges of our working lives can bear down on us until we are not able to perform at the peak of our abilities.  

So, how do we, the tenacious and utterly capable Super Heroes, thrive in an ever-changing environment, often where we have little control of our daily activities?  How can we be the archer that always hits that target, even when the target keeps moving?  How do we sustain the power to keep providing the support the influencers of this world depend on, while still manifesting the best version of ourselves?

In her keynotes, Monique offers perspectives, functional techniques, and radical solutions to the common issues that to plague assistants around the globe.  Many assistants landed in this role by accident.  Now, with Monique’s help, it’s time to do it on purpose.

Keynote Speaking Includes:

“Reclaim your purpose. Rejuvenate your performance.”

In this session, participants will learn:

  • Steps to cultivating the dream-team partnership(s) their assistant friends will envy;

  • How to support the executive(s) with maximum capability without feeling unfulfilled or unbalanced;

  • Communication tips that will improve working - and personal – relationships;

  • How to let go of the victim mentality and become the leader they wish they had.

Length: 60-90 minutes including Q&A

A/V: LCD Projector, screen, lavalier microphone

“Go Beyond Checking the Box: Become an Indispensable Business Partner”

In this session, they will learn:

  • How to get past the dreaded “Performance Loop” of checking things off of a list rather than taking care of a human

  • How to give meaning to their unique role within a larger organization in order to become a strategic partner with their leadership

  • Communication strategies customized for developing and maintaining the unique executive/support relationship

  • Finding the sources of the validation and recognition they so deserve.

Length: 60-90 minutes including Q&A

A/V: LCD Projector, screen, flip chart and markers, lavalier microphone

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