My mission is to help both visionaries and those that support them understand their unique role in making great ideas – and great partnerships – come to life.


We live in a world that values big ideas and the people who come up with them. Without a doubt, these cultural, business, and political leaders do inspire us, guide us, and provide new opportunities for making our world a better place. But when we’re beaming the spotlight on the famous face, it’s easy to ignore the crucial team of people standing behind them.

The fact of the matter is that these iconic visionaries all have someone – or two or ten someone’s – behind the curtain, pushing buttons, flipping switches, spinning plates, and making it possible for our great achievers of the world do the incredible things they do.  

So it begs the question - how do these assistants thrive in a world that does not know they exist? How does the Executive/Visionary cultivate the optimal partnership that helps both parties operate at their natural best?

And how in the world can we build it, when no two people - and no two partnerships - are the same?  Ask me, and I’ll tell you.


About Monique

My purpose is to execute on the unique things that help others feel loved, safe and supported
and to show them that they are capable of infinitely more than they may believe. Learn More!


Keynote Speaking

I speak for both Executives and Assistants delivering an honest tale of the skills it takes to successfully nail these two disparate jobs individually and as a team, as well as the heavy boots that weigh each side down..

It takes a lot of work to make this partnership look easy. What qualifies me to do this job? I’ve lived it for almost a decade..



Real Stories.  Real Life. Real Partnerships.


“Monique’s instant charm captures her audience from the moment she takes the stage. She is fun and funny and oh-so-intelligent, vulnerable, and wise. Her playfulness goes deep as she takes us on the adventure that is her life and we are moved and inspired.  Monique has that magic and audiences can’t get enough.”

Bonnie Low-Kramen, Author of “Be the Ultimate Assistant,” International Speaker


“Monique was a perfect addition to our retreat. She was totally approachable, open and honest in every way. She told her story in a way that spoke to many of us. In particular there were a few of us that have been in the business for 5-8 years, and all of us looked at each other and wished we had heard this years ago. There are a lot of leaders in the real estate industry that have no idea what they’re doing, so we’re on a mission to change that. I am so grateful for the time that Monique took to share with us- it had a massive impact, and she’s speaking to people that will actually take ACTION. Thank you.”

Margaret Smith, Director of Operations, Pickett Street Properties



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